Farmers Engage. They Buy. Sell Directly. Finally Turn Profitable

CropBag Simplifies the Farmer problems and get them expert reviews for their crop problems. This will serve them as one stop solution for all your farming needs.

CropBag helps farmers on many ways

  1. Get solutions for all your crop infection problems with our strong farmer community
  2. Buy all the Farming requirements and essentials like 
    1. Fertilizers and Pesticides
    2. Farming Machinery
    3. Raw Materials
    4. Crop Insurance
    5. Crop Loans
    6. Land Lease for Crop
    7. Renting Farm Equipment
  3. Sell all your crop produce directly to get great profits
  4. Get all latest News Articles related to farmers at One single place
  5. Get Notifications and Alerts for all your Engagement Activities



ScropBag App Screen


CropBag One stop Solution for all your Farming Needs

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