Indian Cow Information

There is a lot of demand for Milk and Milk products in India and this is growing day by day. Due to huge demand in milk and milk products, Farmers who are growing cows and Buffaloes in India are growing day by day. A lot of farmers who visit our website ask for this kind of Information and we are delighted to share the much awaited “Indian Cow Information” in this article.

Farmers are majorly looking for cows which can give more milk and have very high nutritious value. If we look at these breeds, there is an interesting fact, only a few cows give up to 80 litres per day. Let’s have a close look at these Indian Cow Information related to these breeds

Gir Cow from Gujarat

Gir Cow is named from the Name of Forest in Gujarat Gir. This cow has very huge demand in India and abroad. Gir cow average weight is 385 Kg and about 30cm in height. This cow is the highest milk producing cow in India. Apart from India Gir cow is famous in Brazil and Israel as well. The gir cow milk yield per lactation is somewhere between 1200 to 1800 kg for lactation period.

Cost of Gir Cow: Gir cow costs between 50,000 to 1,50,000 Indian Rupees.

Gir Cow Daily Milk Production: Average of 50 to 80 litres/day

Advantages of Gir Cow Milk: Gir cow milk helps in Disease resistance

Sahiwal Cow:

It is one of the native dairy breeds in the Indian Subcontinent which is also known as Teli, Multani, Montgomery, lola, Lambi bar etc. It attains its name from Sahiwal area in Montgomery district of Punjab.The calf weighs about 22-28 kg when they are born. 

Sahiwal cow Milk production:  Average of 10-25 litres/day 

Cost of Sahiwal Cow: Costs between Rs. 60, 000 to Rs. 75, 000

Rathi Cow

It originated from the state of Rajasthan which is believed to be evolved from intermixing of Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar and Dhanni breeds with a preponderance of Sahiwal blood.

Rathi cow Milk production: average of 7-10 liters of milk per day, where as lactation milk yield ranges from 1062 to 2810 Kg

Cost of rathi cow: 40000 – 50000 INR (approx)

Red Sindhi Cow

It is one of the milch cattle breeds originated from sindh province of pakisthan. It is also known as “Malir ”, “Red Karachi ” and “Sindhi”. The breed is of distinct red colour and darker than Sahiwal.

Red Sindhicow Milk production: average of 10 liters of milk daily

Red Sindhi cow price: varies between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 70,000


Ongole is an Indigenous cattle breed that mainly originated from Prakasam District and is named after the town name Ongole. They are very large muscular cattle breeds with very well developed hump. These are suitable for heavy draught work. The average yield for lactation is 1000 kgs. These bulls are famous for their bull fights because they are very aggressive and have great strength.


It is a dual purpose cattle named after the taluk of Deoni in the Latur district of Maharashtra state. It is not only found in the regions of maharashtra but also in the  district of Karnataka.

Deoni cow Milk production: 3 litres of milk a day

The bullocks are used for heavy cultivation.


It is known for its better immunity and standard milk production rate, which is originated from Southeast Rann of Kutch, Gujarat and neighboring Rajasthan.

The colour of the cattle varies from silver-grey to iron-grey / steel black. Kankrej is quite popular as it is fast, powerful and draught cattle. It is used for ploughing and carting. The cows are also good milkers and yield about 1400 kilograms per lactation.


Tharparkar is a cattle breed originating from the Tharparkar district which is currently located in SIndh Province in Pakistan region. This cattle breed is a dual purpose breed which is known for its milking and draught adaptations. These cattle have medium to large build and have white to gray skin color.


Harina is the cattle breed originated from Rohtak, Jind, Hisar and Gurgaon districts of Haryana state in India. This cattle name is derived from the Haryana state. This cattle breed is famous in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Harina Cow Milk Production: The average milk yield per lactation is 600-800 kgs

The bullocks are majorly considered for their powerful work.

Krishna Valley

This Krishna Valley Indian Cow Breed originated from the Banks of river krishna. The banks of river Krishna is majorly a black soil land which is in the Border regions of Karnataka and Maharashtra. 

Krishna Valley Cattle Breed Size and shape: This cattle breeds are very Big in Size, massive frame with deep, slackly built shot body. This cattle breed tail is so long and it will touch almost ground

Other Uses of Krishna Valley: The bullocks are very big in size and are used in day to day farming activities

Krishna Valley Milk Yield: Their Average yield is 900 kg per lactation

Some other Cattle Breed in India are:


Hallikar cattle breed is the Native cattle breed for the state of Karnataka state in India. They are majorly found in the regions of Hallikar belt of Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Tumkur Districts of Southern karnataka.

Hallikar Cattle Breed Shape and Size: They are very long, vertical and backward bending horns. They are occasionally black and grey and white complexions in color. They are famous for their strength and endurance.

“Hallikar Breed is majorly classified as draught breed in India”


This cattle breed originated from the erstwhile state of Mysore region which is in the state of Karnataka. These are originated from the Hallikar and are closely related to Hagalavadi and Chithradurg. Amritmahal is also known as “Doddadana”, “Jawari Dana” and “Number Dana”. Amrit means Milk and Mahal means House. This breed is majorly found in the regions of Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Hassan, Shimoga, Tumkur an Davanagere districts of Karnataka


This cattle breed is a member of Bos indicus subspecies. They are native to sitata, kolhapur and sangli region in Maharashtra and Bijapur, Dharwad and Belgaum districts of Karnataka. This breed is more found in the regions like tropical and drought prone areas and quite well adapted to these regions.


The name for this cattle breed is derived from a small town located in the Tiruppur district in Tamil Nadu. The local name for this cattle breed is KonguMaadu. The name Kangayam is derived from the Emperor Kangayan of Kongu Nadu.This breed is hary breed and suitable for agricultural operations and hauling.


Bargur is a cattle breed which is majorly found in the Bargur Forest hills in Anthiyur Taluk of Erode district in Western Tamil Nadu region in India.  This cattle have brown skin with white patches with full white and brown complexions found. They are usually moderate and compact in build. This breed is maintained to carry out Agricultural Operations in the hilly terrain regions. This breed is well known for its trotting ability.