Last date to apply for Farmer Bond Scheme

The Telangana state government has introduced the Farmer Bond Scheme in view of the difficulties faced by farmers for cultivation. Many people do not get the farmer bond scheme. These problems are due to the fact that their bank account and other details are not correct.

These problems, which are sometimes told to Department of Agriculture officials, have not been resolved. That is why the Telangana government has set up a grievance cell to complain about the problems of the farmer bond scheme. If you have any problems, please contact them on this page if they are not resolved.

The Telangana government has so far disbursed Rs 7,18,367 crore to 56,94,185 farmers. If the bank details are incorrect, they are advised to register their correct details by July 5. Across the state of Telangana, 34,860 farmers were found to have not received money under the Farmer Bond Scheme due to poor bank accounts.

Documents to be corrected for Farmer Bond Scheme:

  1. Graduate pass books, their numbers should be written properly and applied
  2. The bank account number must be entered correctly
  3. Aadhaar card number should be given properly in the application
  4. The bank must give the IFSC code properly

There are about 5 lakh people who make such mistakes. If 34,860 people transfer money from the bank and their bank account number is not correct, the money is returned to the bank. Those who have applied for the Farmer Bond Scheme and have not received the money can go to their respective bank offices and verify your details. Don’t forget today is July 5, your last day.