Agriculture Business Ideas

Most Demanding Agriculture Business Ideas which helps farmers turn profitable:

Farming sector is very high labour oriented which requires very hard work and the kind of profits farmers earn will be relatively low compared with other businesses. Also the Farming sector is affected by natural calamities like drought, rain, and this affects the profits of farmers with time. It becomes very hard for farmers to earn profits even after working very hard for an annual year. So this article will help farmers who are looking for implementing agriculture business ideas which helps them turn profitable in their farming activities.

Business Categories for Agriculture:

Agriculture business can be classified into 3 main categories which are

  1. Agri Productive Service Businesses like Seeds, Fertilizers, equipment and machinery etc
  2. Agri Facilitative Services like Farm loans, Crop Insurance, Packing, Transportation, Processing and storage
  3. Agri Commodities like raw and processed food services.

Profitable business ideas to implement

  • Agriculture Farm

Agriculture farms are a place where farming and cultivation take place. An appropriate agriculture land and knowledge of farming is required to start business. 

  • Dual Crop Farming

Dual crop farming or multiple cropping can be either mixed cropping or intercropping. Mixed cropping refers to raising two or more types of crops in the same area while intercropping is raising different crops in close proximity. Dual crop farming is very popular among farmers because it optimizes the use of equipment, soil, and water as well as farming supplies; it also maximizes the production of a small farm all year-round

  • Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a farming method that combines aquaculture (raising aquatic animals) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water). This means farmers produce crops without requiring as much water or land area. It translates to a lower investment cost and more potential for profit as it’s known to produce crops faster and in greater volume. Experts advise beginners to start small and expand as they learn how to maximize their production.

  • Microgreens Farming

Microgreens are young vegetables or baby plants that are around 10-14 days old and one to 3 inches tall. They are the small edible vegetables that restaurants use as garnishing for a dish or serve in a salad. You’ll find that they’re in high demand; customers like their visual appeal and health benefits. Beginner farmers should consider this business, because microgreens are easy to grow, turnaround time is high, and it requires little investment to start.

  • Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics is the process of growing crops with nutrient-rich water kept in contact with the plant roots instead of using soil. This process significantly reduces the risk of wastage and pollution that can harm the produce and cause diseases, making it popular to health-conscious consumers. Like aquaponics, the minimal use of land area needed also makes hydroponics a low-cost investment while increasing the growth rate of plants to 25% of a well-designed garden; this means you will have more products available to sell.

  • Flower Farming

This type of business is versatile. It can create other avenues for income such as supplying flower shops and connecting with event organizers for decorations. 

  • Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming means growing vegetation on walls vertically. In this business, you need to take a service contract for doing vertical farming. Most of the small and medium organizations opt for this concept. You require expert manpower to start vertical farming.

  • Organic Farming

Organic Farming means producing vegetables and foods in an organic manner without fertilizer and pesticides. The demand for organic products is increasing day by day. Thus, starting organic farming is a very good business option.  

  • Organic Fertilizer – Vermicompost

Organic fertilizer that is made by decomposing vegetables, earthworms, and waste processing is known as vermicompost. This type of fertilizer is very good for farming. 

  • Poultry Farming

The purpose of poultry farming is meat production or egg. Proper  temperature and ambiance need to be maintained for the proper growth of poultry.

  • Fish Farming

Fish farming is the next agriculture business idea. In this business, you need to raise fish in a tank or enclosure as a fish pond. You can select the type of fish based on the market condition. You require a good source of water to start this business. Fish farming is a medium investment highly profitable commercial business in India.

  • Snail Farming

Heliciculture, or snail farming, can be a very lucrative business venture. Most large snails are edible and can be sold at a high price, but certain types are more preferred than others; it mostly depends on your location so it’s important to learn the basics. 

  • Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms are relatively easy to cultivate, considering that they can grow in the wild, even in the harshest of conditions. Making a profitable business out of mushroom farming will depend on knowing which mushroom strain to cultivate and how to maximize your production, enough to become a steady supplier to other businesses.

Gourmet mushrooms such as oyster and shiitake are some of the most sought after variations of mushrooms in the market. They can be grown indoors in a controlled environment for a much larger harvest. It only takes an average of six weeks to grow and harvest mushrooms that are ready to be sold. 

  • Worm/Insect Farming

Earthworms have an essential place in the ecosystem, which makes them valuable for gardeners, farmers, and of course fishermen. You can start farming worms or insects at home, in your backyard, even in your apartment.

  • Dairy Farming

Dairy farming means processing and selling milk and milk related products such as ghee, panier etc. The demand for milk and related products will never end. Thus, starting dairy farming is a lucrative business option. 

  • Quail egg Farming

Recently, a lot of people have come to discover the amazing health benefits of quail egg and a lot of people are now going into quail egg farming. 

  • Frozen chicken

Frozen chicken is next in the list of processing agriculture business ideas. In this business chicken is frozen and sold with suitable packing. 

  • Beekeeping

Apiculture or beekeeping often starts as a hobby, and the capital needed to begin is quite low. You can sell bee byproducts such as beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly and of course, honey, that’s very popular among consumers.Bee pollen and royal jelly are considered superfoods and are sold at a high price. You only need a small area in your backyard but you still have to check with your local government unit first to see if they allow beekeeping in your area.

  • Soya bean Production

Soya bean milk is a healthy and nutritious drink that is in high demand by health conscious people. You can also start a soya bean milk processing business for a little capital.

  • Fruit Juice Processing

Fruit Juice processing is one of the best agriculture processing businesses. In this business, you need to process fruit via machinery to prepare juice. You need to add preservatives and prepare suitable packing. 

  • Spice Processing

Commonly used spices are chili powder, cumin, turmeric powder etc. Spice has a very good domestic market. You require a grinding machine as well as a mixer and packaging machine to start this business. It is a low investment business with very good market potential.

  • Herb Growing

Herbs like basil, parsley and mint can make for great agriculture products. So you can grow it at your home or farm and sell it.

  • Livestock Feed Manufacturing

A lot of people are going into livestock farming like fish farming, pig farming, poultry farming and a whole lot of others. As a smart investor, you can start producing feed for people to feed their animals.Even if you don’t have enough space to actually farm livestock, you can still contribute to the industry by manufacturing feed for livestock.

  • Rabbit Raising

You can also raise rabbits for a variety of different purposes within small pens or similar enclosures.

  • Weed Killer Production

Or you could start a B2B business that produces weed killer specifically for farmers or other agricultural businesses.

  • Agronomy Consultancy

Agronomy is a branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and the soils in which they grow.They conduct research in crop rotation, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, soil classification, soil fertility, weed control, and other areas.

Agronomists conduct tests and are concerned with the practicing principles of soil management and crop production to improve quality of seed and the nutritional values of crops.

  • Farm Transportation

Transportation can present major challenges for small farmers looking to move products to market. Entrepreneurs can provide the raw materials for transport, including trucks, trailers, and other equipment that are designed for livestock and produce. 

  • Agritourism

The recent emergence of agritourism as an industry shows a lot of promise for entrepreneurs. Traditionally, farm tourism would be largely relegated to the individual farmer, who will host small tours of their operations for interested visitors. 

  • Foraging

If you love backcountry hiking, foraging can be a surprisingly profitable venture for knowledgable entrepreneurs. Fine dining restaurants will pay top dollar for unique, flavorful locavore ingredients. People with experience finding and harvesting mushrooms and other hard-to-come-by culinary delights can get a pretty penny.

However, foraging isn’t a business plan that scales especially well without land though. Regulations on public land limit most foraging to private land. A lot of foraged ingredients are highly seasonal, and finding them requires both training and instinct that comes with years of practice. Foraging is about taking a small amount, being part of the ecosystem rather than farming it. People who over-forage a natural crop can destroy its availability, thereby killing their fledgling business. In short, it isn’t a million dollar idea.

But for people who love the outdoors and have experience collecting wild foods, foraging can be a great way to launch a small business.

  • Agriculture equipment on rental

The equipment used in agriculture such as tractor, harvester, and excavator can be given on rent for generating income. Many farmers or newcomers in the farming business opt for agriculture equipment on rent.  

  • Agriculture Commodity Trading

It is a simple business where you will be acting as a wholesaler. You need to purchase food products, grains from the farmer and sell it to the grocer at a higher price. 

  • Fruit and Vegetable Export

Fruits and Vegetables produced in a farm can be exported to outside for earning money. You need to take IEC export code for starting this business. You must be careful in selecting a target country for export and rules applicable. 

  • Grocery Trading

Grocery trading is one of the very good business options. In this business you will be acting as a retailer for selling household items such as rice, wheat, sugar, oil etc. 

  • Tea Coffee Business

Tea and Coffee are widely used all over the world. You can think of starting a business of producing or selling tea and coffee under a separate brand name.

  • Rubber and Wool Business

Rubber and wool are used for making various clothes and related items. You can start a rubber and wool trading business. You need to tie up with a rubber and wool producer for starting this business.

  • Flour Mill

A flour mill means equipment or machinery for grinding grain into the flour. A flour mill business can be started at a lower scale at a shop or at a larger scale for specific brand/products. It is an evergreen business option.

  • Nursery Operation

You can also start your own nursery where you grow and sell different types of plants to consumers or businesses.

Other business ideas include:

  • Nut Processing
  • Basket and Broom Production
  • Hatchery Operation
  • Florist Business
  • Goat Rentals
  • Fruit Canning
  • Meat Packing
  • Firewood Production
  • Tree Seed Supply
  • Oil Production
  • Potted Plant Sales
  • Butterfly Farming
  • Wool Production
  • Pet Food Production
  • Petting Zoo Operation
  • Buy Charcoal from the rural areas and resell in the cities