In India, there is a boom for infrastructure development in real estate such as residential building, industrial building, road development, and construction of bridges, etc. These are both private as well as government planned. The pipes are used for many applications such as water supply for residential uses in flats and homes, sewage water transportation to the tanks from flats and homes, etc. The pipe sector in India is one of the largest market and many companies’ manufactures pipes in varying quantities and sizes for the local market and international markets. PVC pipes are being exported to different international locations with very high quality and varying sizes. PVC pipes are polyvinyl chloride also called hardened plastic pipes. In this article, we will discuss various PVC pipe manufacturers in India for various uses.

Top 10 Pipe manufacturing companies in India

Let us discuss various Top 10 pipe companies in India and it is not rated in any particular order.

Dutron Plastics Limited

Dutron is an ISO 9001:20008 certified company founded in 1962. They make PVC pipes for the houses and buildings such as flats. They make high-quality pipes. The variety of pipes that they manufacture are pressure pipes, column pipes, uPVC plumbing systems, casing pipes, molded fittings, and fabricated fittings, etc. In addition to PVC pipes, they also manufacture flat hoses, braided hoses, and water tanks, etc.

Miraj Pipes and fittings

This Company was started in the year 2004 and is based out of Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. They manufacture pipes for both local and international markets. The pipes are made out of UPVC, CPVC, and PVC pipes required for various purposes such as plumbing, etc. This company is ISO 9001:2008 certified company with producing high-quality and excellent PVC pipes.

Sudhakar Marketing Agencies Private Limited

This Company was founded in the year 1971 and is located in Andhra Pradesh, India. They make a wide variety of pipes and fittings such as electrical pipes and fittings, SWR pipes and fittings, platinum pipes and fittings, and water pipes and fittings that include water pipes and other pipes for domestic uses and industrial uses. Also, this company is an ISO 9001 certified company for making high-quality pipes and fittings.

Prince Pipes and fittings private limited

They manufacture both PVC pipes and pipe fittings for local markets. This is one of the fastest-growing companies in India with a compounded annual growth rate of 40% over the last four years. They make high-quality pipes with very high customer retention rates.

Kankai Pipes and Fittings Private Limited

This Company was established in the year 2010. They are highly recognized in the market for their pipes and fittings. They manufacture UPVC pipes, brass fittings, and CPVC pipes for various industrial and agricultural purposes. They have a team of highly qualified and recognized engineers to make quality products.

Astral Poly Technik Private Limited

They are established in 1999 and started their operations by producing drainage and plumbing solutions in the market. They produce pipes with households, commercials establishments, and for agricultural use. They are also known for producing pressure piping solutions. They are known for high-quality piping solutions and manufacture CPVC and PVC pipes.

Jain Irrigation Systems limited

They are a well-known brand in India for PVC pipes and have been in the market for their world-class products. They are known for solutions in piping in a variety of applications such as irrigation systems, housing, and industrial systems.

Captain Pipes Limited

The company is known for the uPVC column pipes and Plumbing pipes and fittings company. This company has its R&D department with well-equipped instruments.

Finolex Industries Limited

This is a well-known household name in the Indian market. They manufacture high-quality pipes and fittings for various purposes. They manufacture pipes for plumbing, agriculture, and various sanitation needs. The manufacturing plant is based out of Pune, in India. They are the largest manufactures of PVC pipes in India.

Shenco Valves Private Limited

They manufacture high quality, reliable, and high-performance pipes in India. They also make PVC valves for various industrial, domestic, and agricultural purposes.


We have highlighted the top 10 pipe manufacturers in India. These pipes are generally used for various purposes such as in flats, houses, agricultural and industrial uses. The specifications of the pipes vary for various requirements and you need to choose properly for what application which pipes are suitable. The pipe fittings are also manufactured along with the pipes so that they can be used for complete piping solutions. Here we have discussed only the PVC pipes and not steel pipes as these PVC pipes are generally popular and vary for the applications such as pressured delivery and operating under normal temperature, these are not for high-temperature applications.