Poultry Farming Business Guide

Do you want to know about poultry farm business in India? Then first you must understand the term poultry farming. Domestic birds are generally kept in poultry farming to produce meat and eggs.

People have started commonly using poultry as a synonym for chicken. With chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, turkeys, peacock, quail, etc. also can be considered.

Advantages of poultry farming project

  1. It has created profitable business opportunities for entrepreneurs
  2. The poultry business can be an excellent source of employment for job seekers
  3. The Indian market has a demand for all kinds of poultry products
  4. With a very small investment, one can start small and expand it steadily
  5. Bank offers loans and established farmers can help you with the basics

How to start poultry farming in India

It is easy to start a commercial poultry farm in India when following a sequential process as given below

Location Identification

The critical step in poultry farming for beginners is identifying the right location. Having an own is better to establish a commercial poultry production. Keep the following considerations in mind when choosing commercial poultry land in India.

  • Opt for rural areas away from the city which will reduce the cost of the land as well as the labor
  • Choose a place without chaos or noise.
  • The area should be cool and free from pollution
  • Never set up the farm on leased land as it will become too difficult to vacate if the landlord demands to
  • When choosing the place, make sure there is an adequate source of clean, freshwater.
  • The place must be free from pests and predators


Next, know about the construction of a suitable hen house. But it’s not as expensive as purchasing the land. There are many ways that poultry can find a good home. The house must be large enough to house the birds giving room for both facilities and space as required.

In the outdoor growing system, make sure there is enough space to run and move around. Keep the following in mind when making a chicken coop.

  1. Good ventilation with enough light and fresh air available in the house.
  2. Construct a house facing south for getting fresh air.
  3. For a large scale business with a lot of houses, the house to house spacing must be 40 feet and more.
  4. Clean it thoroughly before you bring the chicks to the farm.
  5. Let it have a good drainage system making the cleaning process easy.

Breed selection

Choosing the breeds becomes another critical factor to make your poultry farming techniques successful. There are many high quality domestic and foreign breeds. Go for the right breeds based on the outcome you expect for. To produce eggs commercially, choose extremely productive layer breeds. To produce commercial meats, opt for productive broiler breeds. There are three types of poultry breeds commonly raised in India.

  • Broilers: Suitable for meat production which consumes food and quickly turns it into the meat. Chickens: Roosters are another type of meat-producing breed of birds.
  • Laying hens: Different types of laying hens are known for commercial egg production around the world.

Depending on the production you want, choose one of these breeds.


By providing nutritious and high-quality feed, poultry remains productive and healthy. Many companies in India produce poultry feed and choose the best from them.

If you want to prepare food at home, then understand the basic nutrients required in the food. Also, you need to buy all these individually to mix them in the correct proportions. Also provide enough fresh, clean water for their daily needs.

Provide the right care

Offer care to the birds as certain diseases of the birds are a threat to poultry farming. Thousands of farmers suffer great losses due to the disease developed by the birds.

So, care the birds by providing them with clean water and nutritious food. Do not mix any contamination with normal food. Vaccinate birds on time.


You can easily sell birds in the local market itself. There is no concern regarding the same. But when you transport them to far of places exercise caution.

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in India

  • Start a small farm just by investing INR 50000 only.
  • If you have the required experience and more money then start a medium-sized poultry business by investing INR1.5 lakhs
  • For a huge profit, you need to go for a large poultry farm and invest around INR 7 lakhs.

Don’t worry about finances; simply go for business loans without spending from your savings. Also, avail up to 25% from the NABARD subsidy for poultry farming.

Poultry farm business plan

Prepare your 45 days chicken business plan by becoming aware of the following details

  • Egg production process
  • Broiler breeding process
  • Material to use
  • Strategies to market
  • Advertising techniques
  • Knowledge about the commercial space
  • Information about packaging and its costs
  • Types of birds to use in business
  • If necessary, information about layer poultry farming
  • Costing plan or business budget

Final words

Acquire sufficient knowledge of poultry farming and get ready to produce commercially on a large scale. Good luck