A pump is a mechanical device that is used to force the fluid that is liquid or gas in the pipes. This is operated by suction created by the pump which establishes a partial vacuum by which the fluid is sucked in and is brought to great heights from the lower altitude to higher altitude. A pump is used to raise the pressure of the liquids and can hold any liquids even with the solid particles. In power plants the pump is used in pump in the ash slurry with water which can be corrosive, in chemical industries pump can handle corrosive fluids. We will discuss in this article the top 10 manufactures and features of pumps in India.

Top 10 pump manufacturers in India

The water pump is now an essential item in almost all the homes in India but most importantly pumps are indispensable for farmers. Selecting a pump is not easy as it has got many models and many brands that are available in the market. The top 10 manufactures are as follows,

Shakti Pumps

This Company was found in 1982 by the Patidar family of Indore, initially manufactured the electric controls panels and submersible pumps. It was expanded and went public in 1995 with issues of Rupees 500 lakh. They started to expand its portfolio by manufacturing submersible stainless steel pumps. In the same year, they started export of the pumps. They have a branch office in Australia and Turkey.


This is the most popular brand in India. It was founded in 1888 and has headquarters in Pune in India. They also produce various pumps such as submersible pumps and export the pumps to over 70 countries. It is one of the largest pump manufacturers in India.

Havells Pump

There are a variety of pumps for various uses such that residential, petroleum, agricultural, municipal, and other industrial-commercial markets. They manufacture both horizontal and vertical pumps. With modern technology and an assorted range of pumps are developed such as bare shaft pump, submersible pump, end suction pump, monoblock pump, and a centrifugal pump, etc.

Suguna Pumps

First established in 1958 by Sri G Rangaswamy and have their headquarters in Coimbatore. They manufacture a wide variety of pumps such as submersible pumps, jet pumps, sewage, and centrifugal pumps as well as double suction, slurry, multistage, and process pumps. They have an R&D center in Coimbatore and 3 foundry facilities. This is one of the leading brands in India and also exports pumps to other countries.


This is a German company with German engineering that has durability reliability and innovation. These pumps are used in manufacturing and agricultural needs. The manufacturer’s wide variety of pumps used for various purposes. Their best varieties of pumps are submersible pumps. You can directly contact the company for this category of pumps.


They are the market leader in various pumps. Their best category is the submersible pump. They have a huge network of sales and service network in India. They export the pumps to more than 120 countries across the world. The company manufactures residential, commercial, agricultural, solar, and industrial pumps. There are lots of options to choose from with the extensive product line when it comes to CRI Pumps.

Apex pumps

This is a British company and has headquarters in Bristol. They have been producing pumps since 1988 and export pumps to worldwide customers. They make the best submersible pumps with applications in various industries such as petrochemical, residential, building services and aquaculture, and many other applications. Their main vision is to produce pumps that are efficient and reliable.


This Company was founded in 1878 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. They manufacture submersible pumps in India and other categories for residential and agricultural uses. These are manufactured with having very low power consumption. They provide a long term warranty for their pumps. They have a wide variety of pumps with low power consumption and having a long life.

Oswal pumps

This company was started in the year 2000 and manufactures various pumps such as pressure pumps, submersible pumps, monoblock pumps, and sewage pumps and various electric panels, submersible winding wires and cables, etc. They have very modern plants for manufacturing state of the art pumps in India.


This Company is again one of the leading manufactures of submersible pumps. This company started its operations in the year 1956. They manufacture pumps with developed technology, good service, and high quality. The main point of importance in these pumps has very low weight to power ratio. The Texmo pumps are marketed under the name such as Taro.


We have seen in this article the top ten pump manufacturers in India. The pumps are used for various purposes such as creating pressure in the fluid, to suck the fluid from low altitude to high altitude, and other industrial purposes. Select the pumps that are suitable for your needs.