AP YSR Rythu Bharosa beneficiary list 2021


AP YSR Rythu Bharosa Beneficiary list 2021 is the new policy or scheme to benefit farmers of Andhra Pradesh where the Andhra Pradesh government has allocated Rupees 5,500 crore. This scheme means that farmers will be provided Rupees 13,500 every year of a period of 5 years. Lakhs of farmers in the state of Andhra Pradesh will benefit from this.


As we know that Indian economy depends on agriculture and farmers are the backbones of a country like India. This scheme has many benefits for the farmers of Andhra Pradesh. This increases the status of farmers in the state several folds.


The YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme is the scheme that provides monetary benefits to the farmers of the state of Andhra Pradesh by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The landless people will be taken care of by the government of Andhra Pradesh and people who are farmers are also benefited from the scheme.


This scheme was launched by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jaganmohan Reddy on 15th October 2019. In this scheme, the Government of India will provide Rupees 6000 and 7500 by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. This will be provided in 3 installments directly to the farmer’s bank account. This scheme is named as YSR Rythu Scheme in Andhra Pradesh and named after the father of the current chief minister of the state Mister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.


Money release dates and installment in the scheme


As per the scheme, the first installments of Rupees 2000 + Rupees 5500 were released in May 2020. The second installment was released on October 4th, 2020 for Rupees 4000. The third and final installment in the scheme will be released by Jan 2021. Thus the total installment would be Rupees 13500 annually for 5 years.


Benefits of AP YSR Rythu Scheme Farmer List


Under this scheme as promised by the chief minister during the election campaign, there are several additional benefits that the Government of Andhra Pradesh has provided. Rupees 50000 worth of benefits will be provided by the farmers under this scheme, they are as follows,


  • Zero Percent of loans to the farmers under this scheme
  • Rupees 13,500 to each family of the farmer every year totaling up to 67,500 for 5 years
  • Tenant Farmers will get Rupees 2,500 every year
  • Free electricity up to 9 hours in a day for all the farmers.
  • The farmers will get free bore well facilities
  • No road tax to farmers for using the tractors
  • Cold storage units will be provided that can be used by the farmers in the states
  • Life insurance of Rupees 5 Lakhs will be provided to the farmers with a premium of the insurance paid by the government
  • The irrigation projects that are pending will be completed by the Government.
  • Rupees 1114 crore will be disbursed under this scheme
  • More than 66 Lakhs of farmers will be benefited under this scheme.
  • Rupees 113.11 crore subsidy to the agriculture farmers
  • Rupees 22.59 crore subsidy to the horticulture farmers



Objectives of the scheme

The main objectives of the YSR Rythu Bharosa scheme are as follows,


  • Financial assistance to the farmers
  • To assist the agricultural sector
  • To reduce the debt burden on the farmers
  • To facilitate great crop production


YSR Rythu Bharosa apply online


  • Visit the official website AP YSR Rythu Bharosa that is https://ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in
  • Login to the details on the website.
  • Enter with your user name, password, and captcha code
  • Login to the website with your OTP received on your mobile or email
  • Click on the Beneficiary list and select your current district.
  • YSR Beneficiary list will appear on the screen, now take out a print of this.



Procedure to Check YSR Rythu Bharosa Payment Status


  • Visit the official website AP YSR Rythu Bharosa that is http://ysrrythubharosa.apa.gov.in
  • On the homepage click on the “Payment Status” button
  • Enter your Aadhar card number and fill in the CAPTCHA details.
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • The payment details appear on the screen



In this article, we have discussed the PM and AP YSR Rythu Beneficiary List 2020 scheme that is jointly done by the Central Government and Government of Andhra Pradesh.  This is an important and beneficial scheme for the farmers of Andhra Pradesh. We have also discussed various benefits that farmers will get during 5 years. The farmers must log in to the scheme details in the website that is discussed above to check the payment status and to reap the benefits of the scheme. You can find out the details using the Khatha number or using the Aadhar Number. Happy farming !!!