What Is Saral Haryana Portal And How Does It Help Farmers

The government of India launched a portal for the benefit of Haryana residence called Saral Harayana. It is a comprehensive portal allowing many actions to be completed online. This portal makes it easy to align with Digital India’s vision of marching forward into the electronic world avoiding paperwork, direct meeting, and cash-free transaction.

The Saral Haryana portal was developed in the Service Plus Framework. It aims to transform service delivery to the citizens of Haryana by fully digitizing close to 500+ services.

Every Haryana residents must be pleased as all information on government institutions can be obtained in one click on this portal. You must first register here to obtain an ID to use the account anytime.

Saral centers are operating from 25th Jan 2018 and citizens have benefited greatly.

The Objective Of The Saral Haryana Portal:

The launch of this portal is to advance the electronic method of getting things done for people in India. This portal will help digitize the permanent Haryana residents and educate them about government programs and initiatives. It is easy to search for and download any government schemes online.

Main Characteristics Of The Saral Haryana Portal

• This portal allows all Haryana to utilize the schemes administered by the state government of Haryana.

• The possibility of live monitoring of each service and scheme has been made available here.

• This government initiative will provide a transparent system among the people and the government.

• Anyone can register through this portal to use a service or program.


Use the number given below for assistance in purchasing any type of service or to register online.

TOLL FREE Number open for communication for 12 hours from Morning 8 to Night 8: 1800-2000-023

Portal linked to these programs and services

  • Dairy loans
  • Ration card related queries and smart card application
  • Pension
  • Residence certificate
  • Reseller Points Registration
  • Application for Ration card
  • Salary certificate
  • Retirement benefits and senior citizen allowances
  • Dr. Ambedkar Meritorious Student Program
  • New electrical connection
  • Bicycle program
  • Marriage registration

How to register

  1. Copy-paste the address https://saralharyana.gov.in/ in your browser
  2. “new user?” select enter to register
  3. Applicants now have to enter the details in the form including full name, personal email Id, contact phone number, etc
  4. Then click Validate to complete the process and get registered.
  5. Now you can Login anytime by clicking the link https://saralharyana.gov.in/
  6. Take a look at your application status and track for any services

How farmers benefit from the Saral Haryana portal

Requesting a solar pump from the portal is part of the program offered by the Central Department of Renewable Energy, state farmers received a 75% reduction on purchases of solar pumps.

Farmers can register and purchase pumps at just one click.

Government of Haryana. Implements the 2020 solar water pump plan to install

  • 2 HP (submersible and surface)
  • 5 HP (submersible) pumps

As part of this plan to install solar water pumps in PM Kusum Yojana, central and state subsidies would be given and the farmers with a 10% farmer’s share of the total cost. These pumps are appropriate for locations with a groundwater level of 10m, 30m, or 50m.

Water pumps working with solar power provides water for agricultural needs without being too dependent on electrical power. Energy generated from solar power (Saur Urja) is a green and clean energy source.

Do it online – Follow the process given below

  • First, open the website saralharyana.gov.in

On the home page in the “Login details” section, if you are new then click on “New user? Register here” as explained above

  • Then, Log in to the Antyodaya Saral Haryana portal – As a result, you can see the Haryana Solar Water Pump Plan Citizen Registration page

Haryana Solar Water Pumping System Online Registration

  • You can enter your full contact details to click “Validate” and finish the solar water pump plan registration process. (PM Kusum Yojana)
  • Applicants can later “log in” with their username and password. Candidates can then hover over the “Request for services” section to click on the “View all available services” section.
  • Then enter the keyword “solar water pump” in the search field.
  • Applicants can then click on “Request for Solar Water Pumping System” in the “Name of Service” section to fill the Haryana Solar Water Pump Grant Application Form
  • There you can fill in the information precisely to click the “Submit” button and finish the process.

When should I apply for the Haryana Solar Water Pumps Grant Program

Chronology of the action

  • Invitation to apply online via the SARAL portal – Applications are being accepted
  • Installation of these beneficiaries of mixed suppliers in not more than 3 months from approval
  • Submission of mandatory grant approval request by grantees on the portal soon after installation
  • Verification of systems installed by ADC Office, PCR download, approval in 10 working days

Find the suppliers impaneled list at www.hareda.gov.in

Wishing you luck to make of use this feature from the Saral Haryana portal for an uninterrupted water supply to your farms.